Jewelry Company of Golden Ball CO.,LTD

Jewelry Company of Golden Ball CO.,LTD

Golden Ball Jewelry Company.  It is a professional manufacturer of hardware jewelry  production Products company, we are engaged in metal jewelry  manufacturing Since 2008 has been more than 10 years History, we have a professional technical and professional production team, our own research and development design production and sales One-stop for customer service; main products: earrings ring bracelet necklace bracelet Chest needle Accessories And so on ..... Main manufacturing Materials: Silver copper alloy and so on; main manufacturing process: Inverted film die-casting car parts and other crafts, inlaid all kinds of precious stones, natural gemstones, zircon colored gemstones, electroplating white gold Gold rose gold double color gold and silver and so on, welcome customers to drawings and samples of custom-made production ....


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