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 Golden  Ball Jewellry CO.,LTD

We are a jewellry manufacturer of China, our own design, development, production of products, every month there are design to develop new samples, we mainly produce the silver, brass, alloy, 361 l only material accessories jewelry, gold plating (18 k, 20 k, 24 k) white, gold, double color gold, rose gold, nickel, black rhodium etc... Set of natural stones, zircon, glass stone, crystal stone, jade stone, OPAL stone, stone company, and so on... Main products:rings, earrings,bracelets, necklace, brooch, waist chain, foot chain, headgear, etc... We have more than ten years of jewelry production experience and technology, there are more than 100 excellent employees and more than 1000 square meters factory, the monthly output of more than 30000 pieces, our factory is located in prime locations in China, shenzhen and guangzhou city in the middle of the two trade jewelry production base of dongguan changan town, plans to welcome customers to sample custom production

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