Jewelry Company of Golden Ball CO.,LTD

Jewelry Company of Golden Ball CO.,LTD

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 Tai Ni Jewellry CO.,LTD

   We are a jewellry manufacturer of china; We mainly produce silver,copper,alloy and other metal ornaments, the main products: earrings,ring,bracelet , necklace,waist chain brooch and so on all kinds of metal jewelry; inlaid gem,artificial gem,natural gem,Zircon opal gem,glass gem etc various gems; Electroplating Platinum Rhodium Yellow Gold,rose gold,double color gold and so on; we will continually design and develop new styles, welcome customers custom-made product selection to photo samples to order


Phone:+86 18029126713

                             +86 0769 8155 2673                                                        +86 0769 8176 2553                                                    FIX:+86 769 8176 2553                                                WhatsApp:+8613268795087     
    Add:N0 2 XiaoDong industrial park DongDa SanJie,ShaTou village,ChangAn town,DongGuang City,GuangDong Province China
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